Our Mission

At Tronius our mission is to simplify the lives of our clients’ by providing them with the data-driven solutions that enable them to realise the goals of transitioning from Internal Combustion Engine vehicles to Electric Vehicles as well as supporting their energy consumption via the design and installation of renewable and grid managed infrastructure. 

Our goal is to drive and facilitate the changes required to enable the transition to Electric Vehicles more easily obtainable, manageable and available to all demographics of society, no matter a person’s socioeconomic status, everyone has the right to be afforded the chance to be included in the effort to reduce our emissions and pollutants.

We want to share with our customers the passion we have to create real change by empowering them and their local community, benefiting local people now and in the future. We pride ourselves on having our main focus on the wider benefits of what we do and how it plays a bigger part in local, rural and regional economies and social development.

Ultimately we are a business that wants to grow our local communities as well as our own organisation.

In developing key relationships with our clients we design the most effective strategy to fulfil their Electric Vehicle requirements whilst identifying potential opportunities for Community Social Value Inclusion. Initially, this involves researching the relevant local area and establishing “Public Charging” needs. However, we also do this by:

Diversity and Inclusion

At Tronius we value equality, opportunity and fairness amongst our peers and clients. Our company’s mission is to create an environment where these values are respected and adhered to. We like to partner and work alongside anyone who shares our values and we are committed to making Electric Vehicle charging accessible for all. 

As a Disability Confident leader, Tronius acts as a champion within local and business communities, our supply chain and networks, and we want to ensure people with disabilities believe that we are serious about leading the way.

Creating Revenue

We can help create revenue streams from strategically placed charging and energy storage points which, in turn, can have a wider positive influence on the local and regional communities by funding further positive initiatives.

Understanding Communities

Developing an understanding of the local history and context of the project which helps us build specifically what the local community requires, rather than just sell Electric Vehicle kit to make profits. This knowledge also helps us identify opportunities to provide revenue for other essential community-based activities and projects.

Working with Communities

Engaging with the local community to identify current ‘shortfalls’ and involving community groups (Round Table, Business Groups etc.) to assess priorities and identify economic development opportunities and local employment. We do this by asking them What is missing? What might be needed? and, most importantly, How can we help?

Electrical Vehicle for Everyone

Reviewing current mobility policies and understanding why they are in place and how they could be improved to help physically challenged Electric Vehicles driver’s meet their priorities.