The Highlander Pod

Our Highlander Pod is a unique product that enables flexible Electric Vehicle charging at any time through a robust containerised solution.

The Highlander Pod also creates a wealth of data alongside delivering EV Charging Facilities helping us plan a better energy future.

The Highlander Pod facilitates rapid deployment of Electric Vehicle charging facilities for use at rural tourism destinations, hotels and leisure facilities, commercial business premises, events spaces, construction sites, residential areas, railway stations and strategic charging hubs for fleets that provide road rescue services. We have several configurations that can be designed and built to clients specific needs.

Don’t get filtered out, let us ensure that you fit in!

The Highlander Pod Specification

  • 6 Electric Vehicle Charging sockets up to 22kW AC
  • Active Load Management; never overload the circuit whilst maximising the power delivered to vehicles
  • Active Phase Balancing; rarely seen technology that ensures all phases are fully utilised
  • Rapidly Deployable; a 3 phase commando socket is all that is required for grid-connected sites
  • Solar, wind and battery variants will be available to allow off-grid or weak grid charging
  • Control Unit with inbuilt real-time connected data collection; this data feeds a bespoke Roadmap to Net Zero for each site
  • Payment terminal alongside each charging socket for contactless payment, Google and Apple Pay
  • Cloud-based operation for usage and monitoring

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