About Us

Tronius are uniquely placed within the Electric Vehicle charging and energy services sector to both plan and deliver projects of any scale for its clients.

We place data at the heart of our services and use it to bring certainty to all aspects of what we deliver. Working closely with clients’, we create unique roadmaps, driven by historical data, current status, and future goals. Each roadmap and its deliverables are actioned on timescales agreed with our clients, amending direction as the data dictates. This unique approach sets us apart from all other technology providers in this sector, making us the compelling choice for your business.

We have partnered with industry-leading experts from a wide range of backgrounds, to allow your roadmap to be delivered entirely through Tronius. We take care of all aspects of planning, delivery, enablement, servicing, operation and maintenance of your Electric Vehicle and energy portfolio while ensuring that data remains the driving force behind all decisions. We remove any element of guesswork by bringing certainty and predictability to all business and technical decisions made at all stages of project delivery.

Our roadmaps are created by first gathering a wealth of information from our clients’. We use this to fully understand our clients’ current position in relation to Electric Vehicle, Energy, CO2 targets among many other variables. The creation of a roadmap will drive all future business decisions while avoiding the multitude of pitfalls that lie ahead as the country, and our clients’, transition to e-mobility. This unique approach is why clients’ choose Tronius. 

Delivering your roadmap inevitably involves many different skills. To that end, we have engaged with a carefully chosen selection of businesses to both assist and deliver our clients’ projects.

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Tronius Ltd

Jamie Duffy

Operations Director

Jamie leads the operational and installation side of Tronius in addition to utilising his vast HSQE knowledge in ensuring the company maintains safe and healthy working practices. 

Having extensive years of experience in the construction and railway electrification industry, coupled with his Institute of Occupational Safety and Health membership, gives Jamie the expert knowledge to lead and deliver large-scale, multidisciplinary, infrastructure projects. 

Jamie is always seeking new ways to train, advance and improve business performance and he is passionate about developing sustainable supply chain partners and establishing strong, long-term relationships built on trust and loyalty within businesses and local communities. 

Seiki Payne

Managing Director

Seiki leads the business strategy and innovation side of Tronius and his forward-thinking ensures the company is always looking at novel and sustainable opportunities.

Having over two decades of project, programme and stakeholder management experience, in addition to his mechatronics engineering qualification, has equipped Seiki with the ability to focus on business priorities and to steer large, complex, infrastructure projects and teams to success.

Seiki is an avid electric vehicle owner with a passion for renewable energy and making a difference by ensuring his team and clients are on board and working towards a joint, unified vision in recognising that a sustainable future requires change.